Transparency and Consent for CCPA

Clear, Mobile-Friendly Privacy Notices

With the majority of consumer digital interactions now on mobile devices, PrivacyCheq has revolutionized privacy notices by leveraging the interactive power of smartphones to deliver understandable notices, building trust. Notices can be accessed by web, in apps, text message, QR code, and even by voice command.

Transparency Made Easy

The ConsentCheq service includes a complete content management system that tracks revisions, exceptions and multi-lingual notices that can be created and edited with no coding effort. Both GDPR-style WP29 notices and PrivacyUX interactive notices are supported.

Real Time Opt-Out Management

Consumer opt-outs are managed in a secure central consent registry, easily available for real time verification by internal enterprise processes and by trusted third parties as required by CCPA.

California Citizen Privacy Rights Management Dashboard

ConsentCheq provides a consumer-friendly management dashboard that faciliatates all required consumer interaction for rights and privacy management for California residents. Enterprises with existing preference systems can integrate all CCPA functionality via ConsentCheq’s API.

Parent – Child Privacy Opt-Out Management

CCPA mandates that when personal data may be collected from children under 16, decisions about their privacy must be made by a parent or guardian, similar to the US Federal COPPA law. ConsentCheq facilitates this complex interaction to provide a CCPA and COPPA compliant notice, parental verification, and consent user flows to collect personal data from children.

Audit Log – Demonstrable Compliance

Since all notice and consent activity is logged in real time, ConsentCheq can provide a timeline of compliant data handling for regulators on demand.

High Performance Central Consent Registry Architecture

ConsentCheq was designed under the philosophy that user consent (or opt-out) is a vital corporate data asset that must be securely stored yet easily accessible from every data ingestion point and each time data is processed. As a result, the service handles web, native mobile, email, telemarketing, text message, voice command and physical location consent seamlessly.

Managed API for Third Party Opt-Out Notification

Since companies today relay on various third party technologies and partners to process personal data, it is vital that they also verify consent each time prior to processing. ConsentCheq elegantly facilitates this via a managed API interface.

Adaptive “One Stop” Compliance with CCPA, GDPR, COPPA, LGPD

Originally deployed in 2014 for the U.S. COPPA regulation, ConsentCheq has been continually improved and now provides transparency and consent management for GDPR, LGPD, CCPA and COPPA with a single integration, adapting in real time to the geographic location and age of users, users, and handling multiple levels of complexity.

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