GDPR Compliance for AdTech Providers

Digital advertisers are under fire – from users who are increasingly using ‘ad blockers’ and from consumer and watchdog groups that are concerned about the increasing tracking of user activity. In crafting the language of the General Data Protection Regulation, the European Union specifically targeted the AdTech industry as having a major impact on user privacy. The GDPR requires AdTech companies that process private user data to ensure that the user understands and gives consent prior to any use of the private data.

For most AdTech ad networks, bidding systems, analytics services, attribution trackers, this regulatory requirement presents a conundrum – how can an ad network request user consent when it has no access to the user except if the user clicks on an ad?

So called “Big Data” marketers with huge databases face an even bigger problem.  GDPR specifically rules out ‘passive’ forms of opt-in consent which were used to assemble those huge databases. Under GDPR’s definition of ‘informed consent’, the vast majority of users in those databases never gave their permission. Therefore, Big Data marketers need to reach back out to existing users to verify their consent in a GDPR compliant way (known as “Repermissioning” ) prior to May 28, 2018.

The ConsentCheq CDK is the solution to this crippling problem facing the entire AdTech industry. This software ‘toolkit’ contains a long list of interoperable software solutions for a wide variety of situations that are required to capture and manage user consent.  Leveraging PrivacyCheq’s deep experience in notice and consent, the ConsentCheq CDK provides a variety of optimized methods for third party AdTech companies to properly gather and manage user consent as required by GDPR.  For ‘big data’ database marketers requiring GDPR compliant consent to avoid the loss of the databases, the ConstentCheq CDK offers elegant repermissioning solutions that can be deployed in a variety of ways, depending on architecture and user flow specifics.

Because it is built on the worldwide Amazon AWS backend, the ConsentCheq CDK is massively scalable, and even the largest AdTech vendors can deploy it as their GDPR compliance solution.

Complying with GDPR will definitely have a cost for AdTech companies – the ConsentCheq CDK was created to minimize IT development cost and dramatically reduce potential business impacts from GDPR.

The best way to understand the depth and power of the ConsentCheq CDK is to get a live demo.  Contact the PrivacyCheq team to schedule one right now.

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