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IT Tools for Operationalizing GDPR Compliance

The GDPR is a revolutionary event in the history of digital commerce. From now on, all enterprises and SMEs must operate under the guidelines of “Privacy by Default” and “Privacy by Design”. Companies that demonstrate their respect for privacy by giving users transparency and elegant management tools will gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

ConsentCheq is a universal notice and consent management service, offering a single integration solution that includes GDPR, COPPA(US) and CASL(Canada) compliance, and when in force, the upcoming EU ePrivacy regulation.

The ConsentCheq service provides elegant solutions to the myriad data subject interaction requirements of GDPR – offering clear notice, gathering and logging user preferences. Consent is securely maintained in a central registry, accessible via API to all internal enterprise processes and to third party processors. This forward-thinking design prevents consent fragmentation that occurs when consent solutions are implemented for each data ingestion point.

ConsentCheq’s core technology is flexible and highly scalable, and we offer tailored solutions for businesses ranging from small and medium enterprise (SME) to the world’s largest international corporations. Industry specific solutions include e-commerce, media (including child focused), adtech, Internet of things, physical retail and hospitality.

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