Why You Need It

The GDPR is a very different privacy regulation. One expert called it “The most important privacy law of my entire career”.

Most privacy laws mandate wording and process to protect user privacy, but the GDPR requires enterprises to modify websites and apps to capture and manage affirmative consent from every user.

Users must be able to easily revoke consent, view their private data, and be notified within 48 hours of a data breach. Adding these complex dashboards and interactions to an enterprise’s websites and mobile apps can be costly and take many months.

The ConsentCheq Compliance Development Kit (CDK) is a collection of scalable, interoperable IT technology and working sample compliance models that allows an enterprise to rapidly prototype and test GDPR compliance.  You can think of it as a “Swiss Army Knife” that has many tools that solve numerous individual GDPR requirements, but collectively work together.

Compliance solutions built with the ConsentCheq CDK can be deployed to millions of daily users due to its auto-scaling architecture based on Amazon AWS. But the ConsentCheq CDK is also very useful as a ‘gap’ solution for enterprises that plan to build their own GDPR solutions.

A key mandate of the GDPR is that enterprises must consider user privacy at every step when doing business.  This notion is sometimes called ‘Privacy By Design’.

The ConsentCheq CDK’s user touchpoint services leverage our deep experience in privacy notice and consent, allowing enterprises to ‘get it right’ the first time, delighting users with easy and understandable control over their privacy.

Why do you need IT help to comply with GDPR?

While GDPR compliance involves privacy assessments, data flow mapping, privacy notice rewriting and many other process and content changes, very few enterprises have the IT resources to create and test new messaging systems, dashboards, logging databases and reporting services the regulation requires. This is what the ConsentCheq CDK provides. This two minute video explains it.