Transparency & Consent for the Internet of Things

Connected “Internet of Things” devices are everywhere these days. From smart watches and thermostats, all the way to outlets that allow you to control every appliance in your home from your smart device. While they offer great promise for convenience and new capabilities for users, they often capture personal information that can be considered ‘private’, attracting hackers who seek easy profits from digital identity theft. With near-daily data breaches and hacks, consumers are rapidly losing trust. In general, the industry has done a poor job of educating consumers about the privacy implications of IoT products and engineering their products to protect that privacy.

For IoT manufacturers, new privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR will change all that. It requires users to receive a clear explanation of the privacy implications of a product and give consent before any private data can be captured. For products that don’t even have screens, this requirement could be very problematic, but the ConsentCheq CDK offers IoT manufacturers the ability to create fully CCPA and GDPR compliant user experiences, including notice, consent, privacy dashboard, breach notice, even regulatory consent reporting. This software ‘toolkit’ contains a long list of interoperable software solutions for a wide variety of situations that are required for IoT device manufacturers to comply with CCPA and GDPR.

Because it is built on the worldwide Amazon AWS backend, the ConsentCheq CDK is massively scalable, and even the largest enterprises can deploy it as their privacy compliance solution. However companies that are planning to build internal solutions for CCPA and GDPR can use the ConsentCheq CDK as a ‘gap’ solution, giving IT departments 6-9 months of extra time to perfect the user interface aspects of their compliance while the corporate IT solution is being developed.

Complying with CCPA and GDPR will definitely have a cost for IoT manufacturers – the ConsentCheq CDK was created to minimize IT development cost and dramatically reduce potential user retention impacts from these privacy laws.

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