Transparency & Consent for Retail, Hospitality, and Venues

These days, with increasingly connected devices, homes, cars and public places, privacy has become is a major concern for consumers. Retailers routinely use a variety of technologies to drive sales and reduce losses – video surveillance, in-store wi-fi and phone tracking, iBeacons, loyalty apps and smartcards. Hospitality venues make extensive use of video surveillance for security purposes.

CCPA and GDPR requires companies that gather private data using these technologies to provide visitors with clear and convenient explanations of how their private data is collected, stored, shared, and protected. Unfortunately, the vast majority of retailers, restaurants, hotels and sporting venues do not currently have any electronic method in place for delivering this privacy notice.

In addition to the possibility of a large fine for non-compliance with CCPA and GDPR, this situation leaves venues at risk for litigation if an individual or class claims their privacy was violated without any notice or consent. Venues that do not offer visitors legal disclaimers for privacy and risk are at an extreme disadvantage if a class action privacy, risk or security lawsuit is ever filed against them.

The ConsentCheq CDK offers an elegant digital solution to this problem. This software ‘toolkit’ contains a long list of interoperable software solutions for a wide variety of situations that are required to comply with CCPA and GDPR. It delivers an electronic solution that gives visitors easy access to a clear and understandable explanation of the venue’s privacy and risk specifics on the visitor’s mobile device, whenever and wherever requested, in any language, in an easy to understand format. Venues can easily deliver notices from a web page, mobile app, on-site signage, on printed matter, even by text message. The ConsentCheq CDK elegantly delivers electronic privacy and legal notices to today’s smartphone toting users.

Because it is built on the worldwide Amazon AWS backend, the ConsentCheq CDK is massively scalable, and even the largest retail and hospitality providers can deploy it as their compliance solution. Complying with CCPA and GDPR will definitely have a cost for public venues – the ConsentCheq CDK was created to minimize IT development cost while building visitor trust and complying with these privacy laws.

The best way to understand the depth and power of the ConsentCheq CDK is to get a live demo.  Contact the PrivacyCheq team to schedule one right now.