Transparency & Consent for Small Business

Based on PrivacyCheq’s market-leading ConsentCheq SaaS technology platform, ConsentIQ provides an easily implemented privacy regulation compliance solution for any small business that captures private data from EU citizens and is therefore subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the pending ePrivacy regulation (sometimes erroneously called the ‘cookie’ law).

The majority of the 23 million enterprises within the European Union are small businesses that do not have the robust IT and compliance budgets that our big enterprise customers do.

However, most of these businesses have websites that use browser tracking ‘cookies’ or capture some private information from customers, bringing them into the scope of the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations. We designed and built ConsentIQ specifically to serve small businesses that really had no other way to comply with the technical aspects of these new privacy regulations.

Simple, 3 Step Setup
With just three integration steps, ConsentIQ adds a polished multi-lingual privacy notice and consent experience to any website via the inclusion of a WordPress plugin or a small ConsentIQ-generated code snippet. First, a privacy ‘interview’ is completed with your company’s specific activities and other details are provided. Second, ConsentIQ is added to your web site using a WordPress plugin or, if you don’t use WordPress, by adding a small block of HTML code to your home page. Finally, you’ll use a Web services call to confirm that your customers haven’t exercised their rights under the law. At that point, your site is in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Handles GDPR’s Complex User Consent and Logging Requirements
Behind the scenes, all consent activity is logged and can be verified prior to marketing use via an API request.  The annual ConsentIQ license includes unlimited privacy notices and API inquiries, a customizable ‘cookie’-style overlay, a reporting module for demonstrating compliance, and an admin dashboard. The base service includes up to 5 user touchpoints and up to 50,000 consent events per year.

For Users, A Streamlined Privacy Management Flow
Because both GDPR and ePrivacy require data controllers to provide data subjects with easily understood and accessible consent management, ConsentIQ uses the ConsentCheq common consent dashboard, which provides data subjects with a single access point for all GDPR-required activity (clear notice, consent management, explanation of privacy rights, SAR, RTBF, Breach notification) and easy login via Facebook, Google or Email ID.

The robust compliance technology behind ConsentIQ has been in operation since 2014 and currently processes over one million consent verifications per month. All data is stored on EU-based servers.

Demonstrates GDPR Compliance & ‘Privacy By Design’
Enterprises must be able demonstrate their GDPR compliance and adoption of ‘Privacy by Design’ principles. The easiest way for regulators to test for this is to simply visit a company’s website to verify proper notice and consent management. ConsentIQ jump starts your path to compliance by properly handling these complex requirements for both GDPR and ePrivacy.

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