Beautiful GDPR Compliant Privacy Notices

For many companies still working on GDPR compliance, the biggest headaches are the new requirements for privacy policies. 8 page legal privacy policies are not good enough anymore. Under GDPR’s “Right to be Informed”, your website or app must now offer users an enhanced notice that is:

Concise, Transparent, Intelligible, Easily Accessible, Uses clear and plain language, and is available in all languages your visitors use.

Best practices dictate that the notice be delivered using a “layered” approach, and icons to ease understanding of complex privacy issues. And of course, your notice must be easy to read, whether the user is on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Building all this from scratch would be very difficult, but PrivacyUX handles all of the technical aspects of delivering world-class privacy notices, allowing you to focus only on the important privacy facts required by GDPR.

How Does It Work?

The PrivacyUX dashboard walks you through the 4 steps required to deliver a beautiful and informative notice anywhere you need to. First, your privacy information is organized by category, matching the recommended best practices. Then you add company logos and import your privacy information.

At any time, you can test your privacy notice on your computer, a tablet, or smartphone, and give test links to colleagues for feedback and approvals. When you are ready to publish, PrivacyUX provides you with a simple URL and QR code that delivers your notice from a website, web app, mobile app, a smartphone scan of a printed QR code and even from a text message.

Trust and Transparency Delivered On Demand  … via Text Message
Because many of our customers have physical retail and hospitality locations, the PrivacyUX service includes the unique ability for users to view your privacy notice simply by sending a text message (try it now, see instructions above).  Each notice you create using PrivacyUX can be offered to users this way.

This Looks Great, How Do We Get Started?
Seeing and understanding the ease of creating and delivering great notices with PrivacyUX is the best way to gain support within your organization.  We are ready to show it to your team at your convenience.  Contact us now to schedule a live demonstration of PrivacyUX.