Break The GDPR Consent Management Log Jam

What Have Most Enterprises Missed About GDPR?
Today, as the clock runs out on the two year GDPR grace period, many enterprises have barely begun to solve GDPR’s most vexing requirement – adding clear privacy notice and gathering consent at every touchpoint where data subjects provide private data.

Enterprises typically have dozens to hundreds of web sites, each with several data ingestion pages, totalling thousands of touchpoints that require adjustment in order to comply with new transparency and consent mandates of GDPR.  Despite the magnitude of this risk, many enterprise GDPR teams have not even begun work on complying with GDPR’s “outward facing” consent and transparency requirements, typically called “Consent Management”.

Why has Consent Lagged Behind Other GDPR Compliance Efforts?
Since GDPR’s clear notice and affirmative consent requirements are completely new concepts to most people, there is little understanding of what GDPR consent compliance should look like.  With no guide for consent, most IT, Marketing, and Legal departments have focused on other “inward facing” compliance tasks.

What exactly is ConsentCheq LiveStart?
ConsentCheq LiveStart is a highly structured, rapid deployment of the ConsentCheq consent management service.  Under the LiveStart program, enterprises can demonstrate full consent management features on two selected web sites, within just two weeks. 

LiveStart gives compliance officers a powerful “straw man” that can be used to motivate action and guide decision making as consent management is added to each corporate data ingress point. After the varied departmental stakeholders share the experience of testing and optimizing live notice and consent on familiar corporate sites, full deployment of compliant consent management becomes much easier.

How Quickly Can We Show Functional GDPR Consent On Our Sites?
By design, the LiveStart program has minimal requirements for the enterprise:  choose two sample websites, provide the text of the applicable privacy notice, and coordinate IT support to integrate the LiveStart code into its sites on staging servers. Just two weeks later, with the LiveStart code integrated,  management can view, test, and fine tune the enterprise’s public-facing transparency and consent user experience on the sample sites.   Upon management approval, an enterprise ConsentCheq license enables the team to rapidly complete the  build-out to the all remaining data ingress points, achieving a fully compliant consent management solution by May 25, 2018.

For larger enterprises with hundreds or thousands of sites that may require integration assistance, many of the world’s top consulting firms have ConsentCheq-trained integration teams.

How Do We Get Started?

Seeing and understanding the Consent Management function is the best way to gain support within your organization.  We are ready to show it to your team at your convenience.  Contact us now to schedule a live demonstration of ConsentCheq LiveStart.