Transparency & Consent for Child / Parent Audiences

Today’s highly engaging web and app experiences capture user data in order to personalize interactivity. But under the GDPR, when audiences include children, publishers must get affirmative consent from a child’s parent prior to collecting any data. The GDPR defines a child as being under 16 years of age, but allows member states to choose 15, 14, or 13 as their age of consent, further complicating a publisher’s compliance efforts.

For content publishers and enterprises with child audiences, the ConsentCheq CDK elegantly solves this complex problem. This software ‘toolkit’ contains a collection of interoperable web-specific software solutions for a wide variety of situations that are required to comply with GDPR. Leveraging PrivacyCheq’s deep experience in parent and child notice and consent, the ConsentCheq CDK provides a framework for child privacy protection that includes parental verification and consent dashboards, a real-time cloud API, SDKs for all popular web and game engines, and regulatory reporting.

Because it is built on the worldwide Amazon AWS backend, the ConsentCheq CDK is massively scalable, and even the largest enterprises can deploy it as their GDPR compliance solution. The ConsentCheq CDK platform is a successor to our industry-leading AgeCheq COPPA compliance service, capable of handling up to 1 billion API calls per day.

Complying with GDPR will definitely have a cost – the ConsentCheq CDK was created to minimize IT development cost and delays while dramatically reducing potential user retention impacts from GDPR. For publishers with U.S. audiences, ConsentCheq additionally provides compliance with the U.S. COPPA law.

The best way to understand the ConsentCheq CDK’s GDPR child privacy management power is to get a live demo. Contact the PrivacyCheq team to schedule one right now.

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