What can ConsentCheq CDK help our organization automate?

ConsentCheq CDK can help with consent management. Specifically by giving data subjects access to the rights outlined in the regulation such as the right to be forgotten, right to rectification, and the right to revoke consent at will.

ConsentCheq CDK facilitates secure, encrypted electronic communication between a data subject and an organization’s data protection officer rather than relying on a less secure channel such as email or a phone call to discuss data subjects’ personal data.

ConsentCheq CDK automates reporting for demonstrating compliance.

ConsentCheq can be used to maintain a record of a data subjects’ consent even if they use several different properties belonging to an organization.

ConsentCheq can also maintain a record of a data subjects’ opt-out choices across several different properties belonging to a single organization.

ConsentCheq CDK can be used by data processors to check data subjects’ wishes with regard to their personal data without involving the data controller who originally captured the information.

ConsentCheq CDK includes a process to allow data subjects to give their consent anonymously while still providing them their rights under the rule as outlined by Article 11 of the GDPR.

ConsentCheq CDK has perfected a process for CCPA and GDPR compliance that requires minimal effort by a website while imposing minimal user acquisition friction.

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Is ConsentCheq CDK a complete stand-alone solution to GDPR and CCPA  compliance?

Is ConsentCheq CDK a complete stand-alone solution to GDPR and CCPA compliance?

No, the ConsentCheq CDK is a toolkit that is intended to be used by an enterprise’s IT staff and/or consulting firms to dramatically ease the prototyping, optimizing and deployment of CCPA and GDPR required user notice, consent, opt-out, data portability, revocation and breach notice activity. The toolkit includes technology to ease many different compliance scenarios that enterprises will encounter, and as a result, it is highly unlikely that any one enterprise would use every feature of the ConsentCheq CDK. The ConsentCheq CDK is not a complete solution to CCPA and GDPR compliance.

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What aspects of GDPR and CCPA compliance CAN’T ConsentCheq CDK help with?

ConsentCheq is a technical resource for facilitating notice, consent and other required activities with users on websites and mobile apps. The CCPA and GDPR also requires organizations to perform other privacy tasks such as create privacy assessments, to map the location and access to stored data, to verify the accuracy and completeness of their privacy policy, among other tasks – none of which involve ConsentCheq.

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