As part of our technical compliance education series, PrivacyCheq is pleased to offer this free 30-minute webinar which will compare and contrast the most typical legal bases for processing personal data under the GDPR. Specifically, the webinar will focus on key differences between “legitimate interests” and "affirmative consent."

Andrew Smith will expose poorly understood details on the conditions for processing under GDPR, illustrating why in many common cases consent is better than legitimate interest.

For AdTech, analytics, "Big Data" or other third party data processors considering legitimate interest as a shortcut to GDPR compliance, this webinar will be of great interest. Because these businesses will be most affected by GDPR's required transparency, a perception has propagated that legitimate interest is a lower friction option for compliant processing.

In this webinar, Andrew will demonstrate that the choice between legitimate interest and consent as a basis for processing is more complex than it might immediately seem. Choices that appear to ease the requirements on processing customers’ personal data require added burdens that are not immediately evident.


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This webinar ran twice on the 7th of September, 2017. You can view a recorded version of this webinar at: