As part of our technical compliance education series, PrivacyCheq is pleased to offer this free 30 minute webinar which will help viewers prioritize the many aspects of GDPR compliance in the manner of hospital triage wards, where decisions are made based on time and effort resources, likelihood of success, and value toward the overall compliance goal.

GDPR Compliance engineering is very complex and typically involves numerous departments and activities. With less than 50 weeks left before enforcement begins, DPOs and others responsible for making compliance changes are realizing they are unlikely to be able to complete all of the tasks that GDPR requires in the remaining time.

But there is a logical way to choose which aspects to address first, second, and so on. This webinar provides a framework that allows DPOs to use the remaining time to create the most complete compliance result possible by May 2018, and the shortest path to completion afterward.

Who Should Attend

This webinar is intended for DPOs, legal professionals and consulting firms that will be responsible for delivering completely compliant user experiences by May 2018.

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We presented this webinar on Thursday the 22nd of June.

View a video of the presentation here.

Download Slides

Download a copy of the slides here.